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Thank you for your interest in submitting artist information to us. Here are some points on what to do. 

Criteria for Submission:

  1. The artist is creating Catholic, faith-related or faith-inspired music.
  2. The artist has an account with Spotify with their songs available there.
  3. The artist does not use explicit words in their songs.
  4. The artist’s information is accurate and current.
  5. You are above 13 years of age.

Read about our data collection policy here.


Visitors are invited to submit information about musical artists through our ‘Submit Artist’ form, which includes:

  • Artist Name
  • Artist Type (individual, duo, group, band, etc.)
  • Genre
  • Language
  • Country
  • Links to the artist on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and their official website
    YouTube Video Showcase link

This information is used to create a dedicated artist page to promote the artist’s work and facilitate discovery by fans and interested parties.

The collected data is utilized to showcase the artists on our platform, aiming to promote their music and online presence. The artist pages feature information provided in the submission form alongside an image sourced from the artist’s Spotify profile.

We do not share the collected data with any third parties. The information is publicly available and is used solely for the purpose of promoting the artists and their music on our website.

Artists or their representatives will be informed via email once their profile is live on our site. Should they wish to update or remove their information, they can contact us directly, and we will promptly address their request.

The security of your data is important to us. We use a secure account for email communications, and necessary security safeguards are in place to protect unauthorised access to the website.

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He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord.
Psalm 40:3
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