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Little Songbird

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Christ’s love has transformed my heart and life in so many ways. My search for beauty, goodness, and truth has led me to Jesus. And it has brought me greater joy than I could ever imagine. Our crosses are real, our burdens are real, and there is so much comfort in knowing our God helps us carry them. I desire to pour out through music the same way Christ pours out for us on the cross. And I have poured out into my album Songbird. Songbird is our greater calling to bring the beauty of heaven to earth. We are heaven’s songbirds and our melodies can pierce through broken hearts. I pray my art will lead you to search for beauty, goodness, and truth in your own life. You were made for so much more. Source: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2KWlVV395MZpR8ajgK8Bie

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