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Danielle Noonan

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Danielle Noonan is a musician, worship leader and speaker who began leading music at the age of thirteen at her small church in East Texas. Her family was involved in many of the ministries within her church and encouraged her to use her talents in music to lead people to pray. Since then, Danielle has done just that and brings people of all ages together using her music, testimony and storytelling, giving light to the importance of an authentic prayer life, being hopeful in all things and unity amongst people. 
 As the youngest sibling of 14 and also an adoptee, Danielle’s unique and prayerful insight, as a daughter of Christ, shines through her music. She strives to promote the dignity of all people as well as the beauty of Christ, meeting each person right where they are. 
 In 2013, Danielle released her first EP “Restoration” followed by a full-length album in 2014 called “The Awaken Project.” In November 2017, Danielle released her next single “Come” and followed that with a collaboration with John Finch from The Vigil Project called “Always Faithful”. Danielle’s next project “Your Love” is set to be released on March 22, 2019. 
 Danielle is continues to travel the country with her music, speaking and leading worship at churches as well as conferences and retreats. Her testimony and songs can be heard on Guadalupe Radio, Rome Reports, Catholic Playlist, Catching Foxes and more. She lives in Missouri City, Texas with her husband Chris and their three boys.

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